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FasPac Form Fill and Seal (FFS) offers a variety of packaging services.

FasPac Form Fill and Seal (FFS) offers a variety of packaging services. We have many different services depending on the products you need packaged or the shape you want your packets to be! We have the ability to package liquids, lotions, gels, dry powders, and more with few packaging limitations such as liquid and powder filling limitations. Our packaging services include:

Why Packets, Sachets or Pillow Packs? Our “on-the-go society” demands what they need, when they need it! Single serve fulfills that need. They are:

  • Convenient for the end user
  • Increases shelf life per serving
  • Proven effective for sampling
  • Great for Travel! Serving sizes can be tailored to meet air travel restrictions
  • Better weight and space ratios for shipping

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“We have been working with Faspac for 6 years now and love doing business with them. They are very easy to work with and do a wonderful job with all our products. They are very dependable, and we have never had a bad experience in all the years we've been with them. Working with them makes my job easier!”

Cosmetic Brand

“I have worked with FasPac for many years now and they have been an amazing partner. We’ve produced millions of packets together. First of all, FasPac is phenomenal. I know when I give them a project that they are going to do their best, communicate along the way and deliver on time. Many times the sales manager has told me…”I got you” and he always has come through and pulled off many miracles over the years. I’m not the end user, but a packaging broker for multiple customers. I’m only as good as my vendors and with FasPac they make it easy. I would highly recommend them for any packet project, big or small.”

Ultimate Worldwide Packaging

“We've been working with the FasPac team for about 1.5 years and would highly recommend their service. They've been extremely prescriptive in the development of new products and accommodating of our needs and goals. We're looking forward to continuing to build upon our partnership with the FasPac team.”

Food Industry Client